Departamental House

Location: Cali , Valle del Cauca | Colombia
Design Year: 2014
Construction Year: 2014
Area: 300 m2

The house is located at Cali’s south in the Departamental neighborhood and it’s a remodeling of a previous house.
The project lays out an apartment and garages on the first floor, social areas towards the front façade and the bedrooms towards the back façade, which opens to a local park. Both façade openings are proposed with a terrace for each space as balconies, so that the space flows through the building from one facade to the other.
Local materials were used, such as flagstone, volcanic like stone, wood for the enclosure lattices, and for fixed point, structural brick set edgewise to generate a low-cost fretwork which scatters sunlight and enables air flow.
In time, it proves evident how the idea of aperture does not work on our society, reason why the project has been progressively getting more shut-off with barriers and has become more a fort than a home.