Le sucre Boulangerie y pastiserie

Location: Cali , Valle del Cauca | Colombia
Design Year: 2017
Construction Year: 2017
Area: 60m2

The project consists on building a restaurant, bakery and patisserie, on a traditional sector of Cali like El Peñon neighborhood, where French cooking techniques meet Colombian ingredients and fruits.

It’s divided into two floors, ground floor as storefront for customers and services and second floor as kitchen for food preparation. Additional to the original building, a raised covered deck was built over the entrance garden in order to separate if from street level activities, thus making an ideal hanging space for Cali’s afternoons. The concept for the restaurant’s interior is based on the elements and materials of the French countryside, using rusted metal gabions with natural stone as enclosure, hand-made enamel floor with natural shapes, antique furniture specially restored to be used as shelfing and countertop. Metallic tubing and filament lightbulbs were used for lighting to evoke a warmer ambiance.