Cali, Valle del Cauca

A spa that recovers energy and color as therapy for better living, relaxation and beauty.

Location: Cali , Valle del Cauca | Colombia
Design Year: 2019
Construction Year: 2019
Área: 300 m2

The approach developed for this spa project was based on three fundamental pillars: color therapy, a mix of multimedia resources for relaxation and the use of low-maintenance and aseptic materials.

Within the name of the brand, the idea of energy and color (Colorgy) was developed as part of the look and feel of the project, so we found inspiration in the work of kinetic artists such as Carlos Cruz Diez to make a wall inside the lobby which has more than 120 pieces that change section and have different colors in their three visible faces generating an optical effect when walking about the second floor.


The project is divided into two parts, a lower part that represents the day, where diagnosis and serum treatment activities and also sale of products take place within the program, and an upper part that represents the night, with a calmer atmosphere, where massage rooms and steam rooms are located, where the color of the lighting changes according to the chosen therapy, and where in the main room, mapping processes are performed to generate a more immersive experience within the space.


For the façade, we built a laminated glass box with an internal film that alludes to different colored fluids that get mixed, representing the brand’s image and making it a point of interest within the San Fernando neighborhood where the project is located.