Departamental House

Location: Cali , Valle del Cauca | ColombiaDesign Year: 2014Construction Year: 2014Area: 300 m2 The house is located at Cali’s south in the Departamental neighborhood and it’s a remodeling of a previous house. The project lays out an apartment and garages on the first floor, social areas towards the front façade and the bedrooms towards the back façade, which […]

Felidia Felidia Wet Zone Expansion

Location: Felidia , Valle del Cauca | ColombiaDesign Year: 2012Construction Year: 2013Área: 150 m2The project is located on the township of Felidia, near Cali. The idea was to connect a vintage Chalet located at the highest side of the plot with a wet zone on the lower side through covered circulation. Our proposal is based on an idea of […]

Concrete and Rocales Canoppi

Location: Yumbo , Valle del Cauca | Colombia Design Year: 2015Construction Year: 2015Area: 50 m2 The project is located inside Rocales y Concretos’ facilities, on the Menga sector, northside Cali. The idea was to install a cover for the trucks’ fuel supply area; our proposal was a structure with only one support as a pedestal and over 10 meters of […]

Le sucre Boulangerie y pastiserie

Location: Cali , Valle del Cauca | ColombiaDesign Year: 2017Construction Year: 2017Area: 60m2 The project consists on building a restaurant, bakery and patisserie, on a traditional sector of Cali like El Peñon neighborhood, where French cooking techniques meet Colombian ingredients and fruits. It’s divided into two floors, ground floor as storefront for customers and services and second floor […]


Location: Cali , Valle del Cauca | ColombiaDesign Year: 2017Construction Year: 2017Área: 60 m2 The project consists on a consulting room for the application of aesthetical medicine, focused on laser technology. The program has a reception, three treatment rooms, one service zone and one bathroom. Each room’s enclosure was done with stainless steel and sliding laminated glass, properly branded […]

Coral Valley Sports Center

Location: Cali , Valle del Cauca | ColombiaDesign Year: 2017Construction Year: 2017Area: 200 m2The sports center is located inside a residential unit on Cali’s southside. The idea was to make a roofed multiple-court area, serving the residents for sports activities and events. We proposed a metallic structure as a container, where the concept of efficiency is present in its […]

Kaoba Building Bridge

Location: Cali, Valle del Cauca, ColombiaDesign Year: 2015Construction Year: 2015Area: 50 m2 The project is born out of the necessity for connecting two apartment towers, without affecting the privacy of its inhabitants. The proposal consists in three platforms and one enclosure, structured through a series of vertical elements orderly laid out to take advantage of […]

Laguna Seca House

Location: Cali , Valle del Cauca | Colombia Design Year: 2012 Construction Year: 2013 Area: 850 m2 The house is located over a mountain plot in Menga sector at Cali’s northside. The privileged view over the city and the terrain characteristics, defined the house with its spaces arranged in a series, around a main corridor. […]

Doc Robayo Consulting Room

Location: Cali , Valle del Cauca | ColombiaDesign Year: 2018Construction Year: 2018Area: 40 m2 The design is for a Urology medical practice. The program consists on a reception, a waiting room, a bathroom and a consulting room for medical diagnoses. The interior design was done by contrasting light-colored wood and furniture against dark blue enclosures to generate a more […]

Canizales House

Localización: Jamundí , Valle del Cauca | Colombia Fecha diseño: 2015Fecha construcción: 2015Área: 150 m2 La Casa está ubicada en un lote campestre a las afueras del Municipio de Jamundí en el Departamento del Valle del Cauca.Por parte de los clientes se requería una casa liviana fabricada en taller, de bajo costo, con grandes aperturas hacia el interior del lote […]

NVRT Building

Location: Cali , Valle del Cauca | Colombia Design Year: 2016Construction Year: 2017Area: 600 m2This multi-family housing project is located on La Flora neighborhood, over a medium plot, on Cali’s northside. It consists on a single-family house having most social areas on the first floor such as living room, dining room, terrace and two bedrooms around a patio, a pool […]

NVRT Apartment

Location: Cali , Valle del Cauca | Colombia Design Year: 2016 Construction Year: 2016 Area: 90 m2 The project is located inside a residential unit on Cali’s northside. The remodeling consists on generating the same identity within all the apartment’s spaces, revealing the prefabricated structure of the cover slab which is framed by the lighting and the finish on […]

Monce House Expansion

Location: Rozo, Valle del Cauca | ColombiaDesign Year: 2016Construction Year: 2016Area: 150 m2The project is located on the township of Rozo, Valle del Cauca. It is the response to the need for expanding the program of the house, adding covered parking spaces, a guest bedroom, a model plane workshop and an entertainment area with a music room. The program […]

Arroyohondo Cellar

Location: Cali , Valle del Cauca | ColombiaDesign Year: 2013Construction Year: 2013Area: 300 m2 The project is located at the industrial zone on the Menga sector in Cali’s northside.It consists on a 300 m2 warehouse which has a reinforced concrete perimetral structure with a lightweight metal cover that seeks natural light inflow and ventilation through the trusses. Materials used […]