Pueblos Magicos

Ginebra, Roldanillo, Valle del Cauca

The project consists of developing a narrative that rescues the local values, stories and traditions of each selected town.

Location: Ginebra, Roldanillo, Valle del Cauca | Colombia
Design Year: 2019
Construction Year: 2019
Area: 20.000 m2

The Magical Towns initiative is part of the agenda of actions promoted by the Tourism Secretary of Valle del Cauca, and consists of making the idea of traveling the towns in different regions of the department attractive. In this case, Ginebra and Roldanillo were chosen for the first stage.

For Ginebra, we developed the idea of a “Musical Botanical Garden”, inviting to highlight the biodiversity of this area of the department and its artistic vocation towards music, framed within the conduction of the Mono Núñez festival and the large number of music schools found in the town. This narrative is represented with the choice of color palette of the houses surrounding the town’s central square (green, yellow and brown), the shape of the signs, the awnings and an intervention with many species of native plants both in the balconies and in the central flowerpots, which also includes hotels for insects and a light sculpture for night shows in the form of a flower.

For Roldanillo we decided to make an “Open Air Museum”, responding to the great vocation of artists living in the town and the legacy left by master artist Omar Rayo with his work and his art museum.

For the color palette, the sunsets of this area and the importance of the paragliding championships were considered, in addition to making an upper tiled border using designs by master Rayo donated by the museum.

In addition to the painting, a system of frames was built as banners representing different works of art on the facades of the buildings, which are curated by the museum and are rotated every six months to turn the central square into an art gallery.

The project also proposes the unification of signs, colors, materials and awnings to give unity to the proposed narrative.