Cali, Valle del Cauca

An expansion for the construction of an administrative area and two levels of warehouses, in addition to the renovation of the facade to enhance the brand.

Location: Cali , Valle del Cauca | Colombia
Design Year: 2018
Construction Year: 2018
Area: 400 m2

This project consists of the expansion of a commercial and warehouse space for an air conditioning company.

Through the construction of a new building with metal structure, the first and second floors are proposed within the program for merchandise storage and a third floor for offices, which are connected by a staircase attached to the old volume.

The choice of materials must respond to parameters of strength and durability; therefore, the metal of the structure and the concrete of the slabs are exposed, giving it the character of an industrial warehouse.

For the offices, opalized glass was added to make the different divisions and using an open office and boardroom concept, all the necessary stations were included to carry out the company’s administrative tasks.