Cali, Valle del Cauca

An industrial warehouse where its section allows the inflow of air and natural light inside.

Location: Cali , Valle del Cauca | Colombia
Design Year: 2019
Construction Year: 2019
Area: 200 m2

For the expansion of Silver Hardware Store’s warehouse area, we decided to build an industrial warehouse with metal structure, which responds to the values of natural lighting and cross ventilation, so as not to depend on artificial lighting and mechanical air conditioning systems. These properties can be seen in the cross section by making a second roof on the highest part working as a skylight and as an air collector for the interior of the warehouse through a system of louvers.

The materials and the piping have the characteristic of being in sight, metal and concrete frame the industrial building, Mt pipe was used for the piping and a touch of color in the automatic doors represents the store’s brand image.