Coral Valley Sports Center

Cali, Valle del Cauca

A roofed multiple-court area, serving the residents for sports activities and events.

Location: Cali , Valle del Cauca | Colombia
Design Year: 2017
Construction Year: 2017
Area: 200 m2

The sports center is located inside a residential unit on Cali’s southside.

We proposed a metallic structure as a container, where the concept of efficiency is present in its shape, a series of arches that reduce the column sections and prevent the use of superior struts due to the building’s high rise.

Inside each arch, an expanded mesh is installed with special vegetation added to it to scatter sunlight and as a barrier for sports activities.  Lighting is placed inside each truss structuring the project for protection and framing even more the concept of useful structure. This project is part of the unit’s integral management plan for common areas which will also have a community room, squares and open terraces.