Rozo, Valle del Cauca

It is the response to the need for expanding the program of the house, adding covered parking spaces, a guest bedroom, a model plane workshop and an entertainment area with a music room.

Location: Rozo, Valle del Cauca | Colombia
Design Year: 2016
Construction Year: 2016
Area: 300 m2

The project is located on the township of Rozo, Valle del Cauca.

The program is organized through a passageway with a series of spaces, a half level depression was made onto the topography on the bedside, to generate a small theater related to the music room, enabling live performances.

The entire new building connects to the main house through a fountain and a translucid metallic awning with a pinewood lattice, which frame the accessway to the house and to each volume. Materials used include metal structure, flooring, walls and fountains made in local flagstone, pine wood for ceilings and awnings.