Cali, Valle del Cauca

Remodeling of an apartment where the noble values of the materials, earth colors, mosaics, stones and woods are collected.

Location: Cali , Valle del Cauca | Colombia
Design Year: 2020
Construction Year: 2020
Area: 300 m2

For the remodeling of this apartment located in the western area of the city of Cali, we encompassed the entire interior design process under a single framework or palette of materials.

This set consists of earth colors, natural stones, ceramic mosaic tiles, subway-type tiles and natural Flor Morado Oak wood, adding some contrasting touches of black and white to the set.

The staircase takes center stage in the social area, removing its handrails to generate a new tensor skin which fulfills a structural function in addition to generating a screened surface that allows the background to be seen.

The kitchen was also adjusted to the new needs placing a central island facing the dining room, for all cooking processes, and a full side countertop for washing and prepping activities, all this accompanied by a set of furniture for pantry and storage.

Inside the children’s rooms, we worked with a set of multipurpose furniture for play, rest and storage.