Cali, Valle del Cauca

The Natus Project is located in San Fernando neighborhood, south of the city of Cali, a neighborhood with a high number of buildings housing Health and Well-being services.

Location: Cali , Valle del Cauca | Colombia
Design Year: 2020
Construction Year: 2022
Area: 700 m2

The building within its program consists of a subway parking lot, an access plaza, 2 commercial spaces on the first floor and 8 offices for rent. Being located on a corner, Natus generates sidewalks, ramps and plazas within the urban solution, which allow for a transition from public space to private space.

This gesture is also accentuated within the structure of the building by leaving a 7-meter cantilever over the plaza, creating a covered public space that serves as a foyer for access.

The building contributes to reconfigure the environmental structure of the neighborhood, as a base to make nature appear on it, through a system of mats and vertical gardens on a fixed point, in addition to offering the largest number of soft areas to the public space accompanied by landscaping inspired by local species. A characteristic element of the building is its aluminum sunscreens, which through their positioning and a sunlight study, reduce the impact of sunlight on the offices throughout the year, thus reducing the heat load inside the spaces and avoiding the use of air conditioners.

For the corridors and common areas, materials such as wood on walls and ceilings as well as perforated steel on the fixed point are used to generate warmth in contrast to the interior spaces, which are characterized by their asepsis and hygiene.